Trunk or Treat

Dress Up in Your Favorite Costume and Join Us!

Children in grade 6 and younger are invited to get dressed up in their family-friendly Halloween costumes and trick or treat through the Hope parking lot on an October afternoon!

Volunteers are also invited to make this event a success. Host a trunk and get creative decorating the car with a fun theme and enjoy handing out candy to the kids for Halloween.

Kids dressed in costumes posing in front of Trunk or Treat photo backdrop while parents take photos.

Costumes, Candy and Fun

Parents help kid grab candy from Hope Staff.

Kids smiling dressed in astronaut gear.

Kids in various costumes talking to Pastor Mike and Sally.

Teens in array of costumes by Hope Mobile.

Group dressed in Monsters Inc. costumes with trunk decorated in same theme.

Group dressed in Trolls outfits and balloon-filled trunk.


If you are interested in knowing more about this event or how you can help, we would love to hear from you!